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Monday, September 27th, 2010

We’ve been eating at Archie’s for almost 10 years, and regard it as the best restaurant near the north part of Lake Livingston. Steaks, Seafood and Catfish are the specialties. Kevin Curry, the owner/operator and his staff turn out a fabulous meal in nice surroundings. Kevin has the best wait staff for miles around.Archie’s is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday for dinner, and Sunday for lunch.Archie’s is located between Riverside and Trinity on Highway 19. It is 1.7 miles outside of Riverside. Their phone is 936-594-0405. Call ahead if you have a large party.


Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

Well almost. From the time of Texas independence until the coming of big railroad networks  in the 1870s river steamboats in Texas were important as freight haulers. The Trinity River (a portion of which was flooded to create Lake Livingston was a route for dozens of steamboats  plying a route from the Gulf of Mexico to near Palestine, Texas. A few successfully navigated the Trinity as far as Dallas.  Two ghost towns, Swarthout (near Lake Livington State Park) on the South end of the lake, and Newport, South of Riverside, were important riverboat terminals.  The town of Riverside also had steamboat docks.  Success of the railroads doomed river freight traffic by the late 1870s, but boaters on Lake Livingston who are following the Trinity River Channel are taking the old steamboat route.

An Uncrowded Lake

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

The great size of Lake Livingston, the better part of 100,000 acres, and almost 40 miles long, contribute to the low density of boat traffic on the lake. Even on holiday weekends boaters won’t encounter traffic jams. On Sunday morning, August 29th, 2010, at about 10 am, only three boats (including PWC) were observed from the  HWY 190 Bridge at near Onalaska, and one at the HWY 190 Kickapoo Creek bridge. At noon, Sunday of Labor Day Weekend, September 5th, 21 boats were observed from the HWY 19o bridge (near Onalaska) and 8 boats were seen from the Kickapoo Creek bridge on 190. Visual coverage area is about 25 square miles from the 190 bridge, and 5 square miles from the Kickapoo Creek Bridge.