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Friday, August 19th, 2011

Recently a rumor has been circulating around the Lake, to the effect that the level of Lake Livingston will be dropped 10-12 feet during the scheduled construction of a hydroelectric facility at the Livingston dam. NOT TRUE. Construction of the hydroelectric plant is a possibility, but an executive of the Trinity River Authority, which operates Lake Livingston, stated that construction will employ a coffer dam, and lake levels will not be impacted. Operation of this plant, if built will be “run of the river”, to minimize operational impact on the Lake. For more information, contact the Trinity River Authority


Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Hot, dry conditions over much of Texas have adversely affected the water levels of many Texas lakes. Especially hard-hit are those reservoirs that have extensive commitments for agricultural irrigation. Popular Lake Travis in Central Texas for example is over 40 feet below  full level.

So far, Lake Livingston has been mostly spared. There are not large agricultural demands for Livingston water (Houston owns most of it).  Second any rainfall at all in the  huge watershed  helps replenish Livingston , since there are not large dams upstream impounding Trinity River water.

Currently, Livingston is 1.4 feet below full. For a look at Texas lake levels, see: